Our Multitool.

Equipped for the smooth and audit-proof execution of technically demanding projects: Bring your data safely and seamlessly into the future with our ETL tool dacon® DataBridge: expandable at any time. According to your needs.

Reduced to the essential, the dacon® DataBridge helps you as a technical basis to successfully implement every data transformation. Leanly structured. Easy to use. And above all: performance-optimized.

The dacon® DataBridge makes your company fit for the new professional and technical challenges of the digital transformation. Audit-proof. Enduring. Multifunctional. And precisely tailored to your individual needs.

No matter if it is about replacing outdated systems, synthetic test data generation including the masking of personal data or reporting of any kind: dacon® DataBridge is the future-proof software for data movement.


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Benefits at a glance

Project Advantage
From a wide range of projects, we have in-depth experience with the data models of leading standard software vendors in the insurance industry

Highly flexible
Can be operated in your own system environment or in the cloud

Updates included
Continuous development and optimization

Highly customizable
Industry independent

Conserves resources
Saves costs and time

Team ability
The dacon® DataBridge is designed from the beginning to include departments in the migration process.

High performance
dacon® DataBridge uses the advantages of the underlying database to 100%.

The key functions


Efficient teamwork through a centralized tool: business and IT work together to define intuitive transformation rules


Audit-proof storage of business transformation rules that can be recovered at any time


Support for multiple input and output formats: Databases, flat files, XML, JSON, GDV, BiPRO & more.


Maximum performance through optimal use of the underlying database


Resource-efficient automation for efficient processes


Maximum data integrity through a unique business object-oriented approach


The core module: DataIntegration forms the indispensable technical basis for efficient, state-of-the-art data management - as required for highly sensitive data.

Consistent data transformation is ensured by merging data from different systems and deriving business objects. The object-based approach guarantees technical consistency. These solutions provide clear rules and efficient processes for a wide range of industries and applications.


Right in the middle of the process: DataSimulation enables flexible generation and transfer of test data between systems according to project requirements.

Automatic anonymization or pseudonymization of sensitive data ensures compliance with data privacy standards. Users can selectively generate test data and safely reproduce production defects. Individual anonymization strategies, including customized solutions for optimal data processing and maximum data protection, are a matter of course.


The executing part of the DataBridge: This is where the information from DataIntegration is gathered and converted into executable code.

Automated batch processing, monitoring, and logging ensure efficient data transfer. Job scheduling, workload automation, and restart capabilities optimize resource utilization. Suitable for database migrations, system integrations, and data cleansing.


Efficient and systematic data migration

The dacon® DataBridge is the heart of the data migration process. This is where systems including their data models are registered in the internal DataBridge repository and business rules are defined. This platform is seamlessly integrated into the dacon® migration framework. This includes business objects such as: Insurance contracts, claims or partners.

A particular strength is the direct collaboration between departments and developers at eye level - to define technical rules without detours. The result: fast generation of performance-optimized code that can be tested and integrated directly. In short, a tool that focuses on the main benefit. Simple, efficient, and team-oriented.

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