Thinking according to pattern X bores you? Welcome to the club.

We understand (IT) consulting and (software) development as something that has to be thought about from scratch every time. For every customer. Because every project deserves to be unique.

That's why we're looking for people - permanent employees or freelancers - who think beyond gray Excel file lines. Who see the big idea instead of individual pixels. Who contribute creatively and dare to do something refreshingly different. People with personality who recognize problems in order to solve them.

Do you feel like coming together for work with the dacon team? Then we look forward to receiving your application. You are also welcome to send us an unsolicited application.

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Why dacon

We work with exciting partners.

Our clients include well-known companies in the financial industry. Our partner network is made up of consulting and auditing firms. This means that you are definitely guaranteed an exciting and varied project environment with us.

We work according to New Work thinking.

Mobile working? For dacon, that’s part of the game. For many years, this has been a matter of course in our team. Sometimes on the couch at home, sometimes in the office at the customer: This means maximum variety, completely normal for us. For internal meetings, we meet in day offices all over Germany. And only when it makes sense for a project team.

We promote individual development.

Short and direct routes - enjoyed by our customers and employees alike. With us, you get the best possible chance to make more of yourself. We value and encourage personal training. All it takes is an open conversation with a member of the management.

We use different work tools individually.

MacBook or ThinkPad? We don't care. Our team players choose their preferred work tools themselves. The results are what count. What's more, at the end of the probationary period, each employee receives a premium company car or a premium e-bike. Free choice!

We pay above average and promote financial security.

All our employees are directly involved in the success of the company. We do not have a strictly monitored time clock that is used to record paid working hours. On top of that, there's a company pension plan for everyone in the team, plus health and accident insurance abroad. Who could say no to that?

We trust each other. We have fun with each other.

The best job is only as good as the circle of fellow campaigners. We have understood that. We share the joy of our projects. The basis: trust in each other. How much vacation you take and how long you work is secondary. The successful completion of the project is what counts. Since we work remotely most of the time, we meet regularly for summer parties, offsites and other events.

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We are looking for new colleagues with heart and humor, who accompany us in exciting projects in the financial industry out of conviction. Your benefit: A business crew that builds on each other - with an employer who offers attractive extra benefits.

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