Data migrations for the financial industry

The restructuring processes at insurance companies, banks and savings associations are huge in the long run. dacon helps you in the right place. As experienced specialists in data migration, we know exactly what needs to be done.

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Data migration according to plan: dacon supports you from A to Z. So that your projects are not half-measures, but grow with you in a results-oriented manner.

Every data migration project is based on a clean migration management. Typically, we develop with you in this first step:

  • Analysis of the current situation (source data, processes, systems)
  • Joint creation of the migration concept (incl. archiving concept)
  • Milestone planning - What intermediate successes do you want to record
  • Creation of a migration script - the detailed instructions for migration implementation
  • Creation of the migration strategy (concrete plan for software or data movement / GoLive planning)
  • Analysis and definition of suitable quality indicators

At the heart of every data migration is the technical mapping of the transformation logic. But it requires much more. To move relationally rich and sensitive data securely between systems, we use a special transformation tool. It works in many ways:

  • The connection to the source and target system is established technically.
  • The batch functionality for controlling the migration programs is ensured in terms of restartability or parallelism.
  • It logs results of migration jobs and supports troubleshooting.
  • It optimizes to achieve the highest possible performance for data migration.

By the way: For all challenges within projects on data migrations in the insurance industry, we rely on our in-house field-tested transformation tool - the Data Transformation Suite.

Plain language, please: We would be happy to explain our complex migration approach, including technical aspects, as easy as we are able to. Write to us without obligation. We will then be happy to explain the details of a possible data migration to you in a comprehensible way.

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The goal of all data transformations is to make the data available in the target system 100% consistently. This is the only way to ensure smooth further processing.

dacon has developed a project procedure model in the course of many data migration projects for insurers. This ensures high data quality in the target system.

The basic idea behind our migration approach: the transformation of the domain-oriented business objects. This enables us to identify and analyze inconsistent data at an early stage during the project and to correct errors. The result is exclusively complete and technically consistent data in your target system.

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The fourth building block of a data migration is our migration strategy. With it, we realize the fastest possible entry into the tests of the transformation programs for you.

Why all this? Old data inventories in particular are often heterogeneous - and thus deficient. Versatile system changes during the operating life of the legacy system or due to previous data migrations are the cause.

The goal of our migration teams is to enter into detailed analysis of this old data stock with the legacy system experts at an early stage. We succeed in this because we already carry out continuous functional and technical controlling of the data stocks during the implementation of the migration programs.

We document all test migrations, the dress rehearsals of the data migrations and, of course, the productive data migration in an audit-proof manner. The review is then carried out together with you as the customer.

The final backup of the migration results includes the following individual steps:

  • Creation of a migration log - with information on the number of successfully and unsuccessfully transferred data per target system
  • Audit-proof storage of the mappings and transformation programs used
  • Logging of identified check digits (data comparison: legacy system load vs. target system load)

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Data Transformation Suite

From practice, for practice: dacon has been successfully serving customers in the financial sector for a long time. We have transferred our accumulated knowledge of data migration into a unique tool. Together with strong cooperation partners, we have created the Data Transformation Suite.

Made by us, for your success: The Data Transformation Suite is the future-proof software for data movement. Audit-proof. Enduring. Multifunctional. And precisely tailored to the requirements of the financial industry.

We would be happy to explain more about the strategic, business object-oriented approach to you during a non-binding meeting.

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